Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NoBuddies - Don't Mess With Taxes (Episode 9)

We at NoBuddies (just me, they hate when I speak for them) feel that Tax Day should not be a worrisome time. At the very least, you should spend 3 minutes and 9 seconds for yourself and you can take that strangely accurate amount of time and use it on our next episode. It has taxes and masking tape and anger and humor. That's 4 things! I'm no accountant but I think you can write it off or maybe deduct it from the amount in Box 19. Again, not an accountant. Enjoy.

Tax Day is upon us and Bill is starting to feel the pressure. Cal does nothing to alleviate it.

Bill - William Franke
Gray - Sean McCormack
Cal - Kevin Tor
Girl - Sue White
Alexis - Catherine Nicora

Directed by William Franke
Written by William Franke & Kevin Tor

Music - "Flow is Special" by rockamic (ccMixter)

1 comment:

jim said...

Kev you should have got the gun..ther.
But getting taxes done free (me too) is a good thing and I'm sure Bill will take the tape off your body and your taxes soon, however you might have to pay a body and tax penalty. LMAO !!