Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 (Part 1)

It's Songs From The Movies Week with mentor Quentin Tarentino. The guy can direct anything. His suggestions for the singers were so perfect each time tonight. I know he's a little off in terms of public comportment but he does know how to make something better. This night was a large improvement over last week and it was not as easy to pick an actual Bottom 3 (I can pick a voted Bottom 3 but for bad singing, not easy). Only 2 judges get to talk this week because of last week's gigantic overrun (and they still went over).

Allison Iraheta - "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" - Odd arrangement of it. Not the music but the words she got to sing. It seemed to skip around. Kind of like she took all of the lyrics and threw them at the wall and sang the 30 closest to her. Anyway, it was really good as usual and Simon finally liked it without saying an unnecessary vote-draining insult (awful clothes/not likable).

Anoop Desai - "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" - I hate this song so much. It was so overplayed when it came out and then it became a love song cliche like anything off the Bodyguard soundtrack. But I liked it tonight which is a testament to Anoop. He sang it really well. Too bad there isn't room left in the competition for him. The judges (Kara and Randy) liked it and Simon was angry he didn't get to say anything.

Adam Lambert - "Born To Be Wild" - I did not enjoy his prance out onto the stage to start the song. It was awful. I hate when they say he is the real deal. Everything is so calculated. It's a performance from the moment the song starts. Here's how I picture Adam's preparation: "When I was in Tommy, I got a lot of good reviews for this fist pump I did so I thought I would give it a shot here." I may be old fashioned but a fist pump should come from the soul and not some predetermined plan. Rocking should not be choreographed.

Matt Giraud - "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" - Big night for Bryan Adams. Is this Canadian Idol? I kid. I feel like a broken record but it started out good (just like "Let's Get It On" and "Part Time Lover"). Then it got not so good and then ugly. I would have preferred it to just be him at the piano instead of the whole band and the background singers. Anyway, I still think he's back next week. 

Danny Gokey - "Endless Love" - No glasses. Is that allowed? Quentin took away his hands too. Danny does tend to use his hand to "knit" through the lyrics. It's a knitting motion. Anyway, this was Stripped-Down Danny. Paula thought the beginning was not so good. Simon thought it was boring. I have to agree. I like Danny and he can sing but he is not the frontrunner I thought him to be. He's just an awesome singer and this makes me sad.

Kris Allen - "Falling Slowly" - Brilliant. I love this song. So good. I'm so angry that my wife told me that Randy didn't like it before I watched it this morning. Randy said he knew the song but I don't think he did. He likes to name drop and that would have been the perfect time to drop Glen Hansard. Kara loved it and so did Paula but because of time restraints, Ryan cut Kara off leaving Kris with minimal praise. Not right. I'm sure he's thrilled. Still, my favorite of the night.

Lil Rounds - "The Rose" - I thought she did fine and she added the gospel part to it which was actually really good. Simon ripped her apart again and was extra cruel. She fought back which was good and she did it respectfully which was smart. Though, I know how Lil could have done better tonight. She should have written the Mary J. Blige story, made it into a movie, and done a song from that. She's just not trying anymore if you ask me.

Bottom Three: I'm looking at Matt, Anoop, and Lil. Matt was not that great this week and he could have been. I think he's been hanging on to that last safe spot and this week it's not there. Anoop was in the Bottom 3 with his "True Colors" last week so there's no reason to think another great performance like tonight will land him anywhere but. Poor Anoop. Lil has been beat up too many weeks now. She is not going to win and I truly feel everyone else is better. I'm also feeling a slight chance of a Danny shocker but I hope not.

Going Home: Lil Rounds

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jim said...

Lil is done like my turkey on Easter. Current Yahoo poll has Lil getting a 58% vote to be gone. Anoop and Kris each about 8%.
Quentin a die hard fan of American Idol did a good job of directing.
He knows his stuff. Now he's got his next two Pulp Fiction Characters, Adam and Allison. Ya think? :)