Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sample Chapter From New Dan Brown Book

Dan Brown's new book will be released in September. The book is called "The Lost Symbol" and will bring back the recurring hero Robert Langdon. Tor's Take is thrilled to get a sample chapter of the book. Enjoy.


A warm breeze whipped through the Alabama evening. This humid Saturday was one that would be remembered for some time. Robert Langdon had just finished his shower noting that his new buzz cut took considerably less effort to maintain. His body was tired and the images of what happened that afternoon only intensified the fatigue. Langdon could still hear the roar of the crowd as he buttoned his shirt. He closed his eyes and replayed the events in his mind.

The football arrived in his arms like a newborn, a newborn that he would cradle and protect for as long as he was responsible for it. Langdon surveyed the field and headed forward. Barreling down on him was the opposing team but he knew just how elusive to be. As he increased his stride and used his blockers, open field awaited. Once he got to it, no one could catch him.

The red end zone got bigger with each pump of his legs. Upon crossing the goal line, the stadium erupted and the band played the school's fight song. Though the other team had ceased their pursuit, something was still chasing him. His teammates met him on the sidelines where he received pats on the back and high-fives.

Langdon was jolted out of his mental highlight reel. High-five. He realized that was it. That's what's been chasing him. It was a sign. A symbol.


"What was it about that phrase?" Langdon mused. He took out an old notepad that he kept in his blazer. He played with the phrase some more. 





"Oh no!" It was at this point Robert Langdon realized Jenny had AIDS. 


jim said...

LOL !! Now we all know !!!
Got to read the rest of the book.
Thanks Tor.

Chris Sifflet said...

i like

Anonymous said...

ARGH! I can't wait to read the rest, that small snippet from the book has already got me hooked! Where did you get that from and have you got the full copy??? I'm dying to read it but obviously it's not officially released till September. I want that book now! lol