Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tor's Onion Stories: December 29, 2009

I recently submitted to write for The Onion for the second time. Here are 10 story ideas that I did not use but enjoyed.
  • World's First Sentient Plastic Bag Killed While Playing With Toddler
  • Older California Raisins Have Trouble Hearing Grapevine
  • On A Quest For Normalcy, Man Watches "Benjamin Button" Backwards
  • Wide Leg Jeans Develop Eating Disorder When Sharing Rack With Skinny Jeans
  • Man Living In Glass House Regrets Calling Idiom's Bluff
  • World Ends When FailBlog Makes Mistake Posting About Its Mistake
  • School's Horse Play Cancelled Due To Cast Members Fooling Around Too Much, Irony
  • College Kid And Ball Reunited 12 Years After It Went In Creepy Neighbor's Yard
  • Overpampering Parents Choose To Learn Baby Talk Over Forcing Child To Learn English
  • NFL Player Satisfied Enough With Leading Virtual Self To Madden Title

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