Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 20 Comedies of the Aughts (Part 1)

It's the end of the decade and Tor's Take, the foremost blog on Kevin Tor's thoughts, has decided to compile some lists. People make lists at the end of the year and decade so why should I be any exception? We will start with my 20 favorite comedies of the last decade (along with some honorable mentions).

Honorable Mention:

She's the Man - Amanda Bynes at her finest. Love this movie. And best tampon to stop a bloody nose scene. All others are copiers.

Saving Silverman - Steve Zahn and Neil Diamond in the same movie!

Just Friends - Anna Faris makes this movie work. Darla!

Simpsons Movie - Made us remember what the Simpsons used to be when it was great every week.

Team America - Puppet sex is funny sex.

Clerks 2 - I just love Kevin Smith so much. He needs to be on here twice. Foreshadowing?

Hangover - Some will say this belongs on the list. I may agree with them once I'm able to rewatch it multiple times but I wasn't as over the moon for it as everyone else was so I can't do it for now.

Semi-Pro - For every scene with Dick Pepperfield is amazing.

Road Trip - Do I want to punish Todd Phillips? No. I just couldn't fit it. This is number 21 for me.


20. Shaun of the Dead - Revolutionized zombie movies. Made Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright as famous as they should be. And, if your best friend gets turned into a mindless zombie, this shows you the right way to handle it. Pay attention, my friends.

19. O Brother, Where Art Thou? - The best Coen Brothers movie in my opinion. George Clooney as the paterfamilias. Tim Blake Nelson thinking John Turturro was a toad. The fight at the Woolsworth. And amazing music.

18. Wet Hot American Summer - Can a movie get on my list based on a single scene where Paul Rudd has to clean up his meal? Absolutely. However, there is so much more to this movie. I love the State and I will never make a comedy list that doesn't involve them in some way. Zac Orth is also genius in this.

17. School of Rock - There was a time when Jack Black could play Jack Black in a movie and everyone would laugh and clap. This was that time. It helps that Mike White wrote the movie for him. Added bonus - iCarly's in it.

16. Dodgeball - I used to play a lot of dodgeball. I was good at it. Usually a first pick in gym class. Don't believe me? I don't blame you. Turns out in my late teens, I traded athleticism for humor. (I may not have gotten enough in return.) Hey, other people making movies, put Jimmy James in more of them.

15. Zoolander - Hansel was so hot right then. This movie may be the reason why I watch Project Runway now. It made fashion and modeling accessible to comedy likers. It also made me realize that gas hose fights are more dangerous than fun.

14. Van Wilder - Write this down. Van Wilder is good. Ryan Reynolds owned this movie and made it very rewatchable. A pre-train wreck Tara Reid is also enjoyable. (She was in The Big Lebowski. How is that possible?). It also doesn't hurt to have Kal Penn involved which leads me to...

13. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle - My dad used to bring home White Castle as a surprise every once and a while. I got sick every time I ate it but it was worth it. Those little burgers taste so good and I don't need illegal narcotics to crave it. The other testament to this movie is that I don't care for drug humor and it still works for me.

12. Hot Rod - You're The Voice! I can watch that scene over and over. This movie is the movie that you make when studios aren't involved (yet studios were involved). The first time I saw it, I thought it was dumb. But I have seen it many times since and it gets better and better. If you ask me to make this list again in a few years, I bet this challenges the Top 5.

11. Talladega Nights - This is the Sasha Baron Cohen I can stand to see multiple times. "My husband Gregory and I want what any couple wants. To retire to Stockholm and develop a currency for dogs and cats to use." Other things that are superb - Children named Walker and Texas Ranger, the Baby Jesus grace, Amy Adams, not knowing what to do with your hands in an interview, invisible fire. I can go on and on. Why is this not in my Top 10?

Tune in tomorrow for the Top 10 Tor Comedies of the Aughts...


Etan Bednarsh said...

Just Friends??????? She's the Man??? Semi-Pro? (That was Ferrell's 3rd best SPORTS movie this decade!)
Van Wilder is just too high. Sure, I'll watch it on Comedy Central too, but- come on...

Hey, other people making movies, put Jimmy James in more of them. - O' Brother also has him
If you want to fondle your sweaters, for god's sake, be honest about it
WORD! "If you ask me to make this list again in a few years, I bet this challenges the Top 5."

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