Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Off The Field, Nine Year Old!

Jericho Scott is not allowed to play baseball. He throws the ball too hard. In fact, the last team he was scheduled to face forfeited before taking the field. Then, the league disbanded his team and offered the players refunds or positions on other squads. The boy throws the ball well. It's not like he has SARS. And, if he does have SARS, I'm going to give it to my kid so he can throw a baseball really hard, too. So what if our pediatrician tells us there's no medical precedent linking the respiratory disease to pitching prowess? As a parent, you have to take chances in the name of your child's future. While I'm at it, give my son the bird flu, as well. Maybe that will help him kick fifty-yard field goals. I know what you're thinking: It's a little ridiculous to infect your child in the name of improving his sports abilities. Well, you might be right but then again we also stopped a kid from playing his favorite sport because he was too good at it.

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