Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Auction Was A Success

Chris Sifflet, whose last blog entry is fabulous, is a great friend. Last night, he had the debut of his show Auction! at Ochi's Lounge. I think it was a rousing success. The boy can host the poo out of a show. This show is going to last for decades.* I hope you all will come out to the next one. Bring quarters. It's time to start neglecting your laundry, people. There's good stuff to be had. Great job again, Chris.

On a personal note, my auction item sold for four dollars to the lovely Eliza Faria-Santos. I believe this officially marks the first money I've made doing comedy. If these trends continue, I should be able to fill up my car by the time I'm forty. Do you hear that, wife? I contribute.

* I'm not known for my prognostication skills.

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