Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Avril Vs. Malaysia

Doesn't Malaysia mean "bad Asia?" Well, if it doesn't, it does to Avril Lavigne. Malaysia canceled her upcoming concert because it was deemed "too sexy." Frankly, I don't think this has anything to do with the famous Canadian art of seduction born into her and every other female native of that fine country. Nope. I have it on good authority that Malaysia and Lavigne go way back. In fact, Malaysia and Lavigne had an intimate relationship in the year 2000 that ended in heartbreak when Lavigne caught Malaysia in bed with Mandy Moore. Additionally, it is believed that the song "Complicated" was written about the troubles that grew between Malaysia and Lavigne. You could say that Malaysia is the Coulier to Avril's Alanis. Tell it like it is, Malaysia. "Too sexy?" Please. It's just payback for being the focus of a hit song full of teen angst. Avril, you don't need Malaysia. It doesn't fit into your happy ending. Whoooa oh. Whoa oh.

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